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Finding the time for quality scripture study can be a struggle. Use the following guide to read and better understand the Book of Mormon as a family.


Audio Clips

CLICK to download a dramatized audio segment from The Dramatized Golden Plates that will reinforce the chapters you're preparing to read from the Book of Mormon.


CLICK to print a schedule that will help your family read the Book of Mormon in 4 months. On the far left column you can mark your weekly progress.


Recommended for listening at the kitchen table or before bedtime to reinforce a section of the Book of Mormon you will soon be reading.


Coloring Pages

CLICK to download coloring pages for little ones can color while you read a corresponding section of the Book of Mormon to them.

Recommended for toddlers who are not yet able to read.

Video Clips

CLICK to download clips from the Animated Stories of the New Testament and Old Testament.


CLICK to find articles that will help clarify sections of the Book you are studying.

Ponder This...

HELP your family look for answers to important questions while you are reading together. Get discussiongoing with "Ponder This".



1 Ne. 1-2
GP 1:3 (6.47 min)

Why did the Lord have rebellious Laman and Lemuel go with their family to the promised land? (See 1 Ne. 2:11-24)

1 Ne. 3-4
GP 1:8 (7.57 min)

Why was it so important for Lehi’s family to get the Plates of Brass? (See 1 Ne. 3:19-20)

1 Ne. 5-6

What was Nephi’s intent as he wrote upon the plates?” (See 1 Ne. 6:4-6)

1 Ne. 7-8
GP 2:1 (2.35 min)

How did Lehi’s family prepare for their journey to the Promised Land? (See 1 Ne. 8:1)

1 Ne. 9-10

Why was Nephi commanded to make two sets of records? (See 1 Ne. 9:3-6)

1 Ne. 11-12
GP 2:4 (5.54 min)

Why do you think Nephi was shown the vision of the tree of life? (See 1 Ne. 11:1,6)

1 Ne. 13-14

Three important things were contained in the Bible when it came forth from the Jews. What were they? (See 1Ne. 13:23-24) What was taken from the Bible and why? (See 1 Ne. 13:26-28))