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Quick and yummy treats!


"Cherry Gummy Lips"

"Caramel Popcorn Homes"

"'White as Snow' Candy"



The 3 most healthy treats!


"Barley Loaves"


"Veggie Tree & Sea Dip"


"Hay Stack Dinner"


3 most popular treats!


Raspberry Filled "Cream Puff" Hearts


"Stripling Warrior Gingerbread Boys"

"Peanut Butter Footsteps"


New! Family Health Tip


Get Your Family Moving

Telling your kids that fitness is important is not enough - you need to show them.
Most fitness experts agree that there's a world of difference between telling kids about the benefits of being physically active and showing them that fitness is a priority in your own life. If you're not physically active yourself, your words are likely to lose their impact.

A great approach to family fitness is to come up with a list of different fitness activities that your family could enjoy together and to find ways to work fitness into your schedules on a regular basis. (The experts agree that you should be exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time at least three times each week.)

Here are some tips on getting your family moving:

Make it fun.

As with anything else in life, variety is the key to making your family fitness program enjoyable. Exercising to the same Tae Bo tape day after day isn't likely to hold an eight year old's attention, but weekly trips to the local swimming pool, skating rink and park likely will.

Go to the park.

What do you get when you combine a park and a van full of people? A terrific workout, that's what! Who says fitness has to be boring or super-serious? Throw around a frisbee. Play a game of tag. As long as you're moving your bodies vigorously enough to get your hearts beating faster, you're exercising.

Go for a walk.

Don't skip your walk just because the weather's bad outside. Take your family fitness program indoors! You can either walk around your local mall or head for some spot that's a little more inspiring: Even strolling through a museum can be a fitness activity, according to Neporent. It doesn't matter what you're doing while you're walking, as long as you're moving quickly enough to get some benefits out of your workout.

Go to the pool.

Few exercises will give you as good a workout as swimming -- and you don't just have to swim lengths. Exercising in water adds a dimension of fun to a workout that can't be found on dry land: Play water volleyball, underwater tag, basketball, have swimming races or follow the leader.

While you may find it difficult to schedule time for family fitness initially, it won't be long before that Saturday morning trip to the swimming pool or that Tuesday evening walk around the block becames second nature. And that, according to the experts, is when you'll really begin to reap the benefits of your family's commitment to healthier living, both body and soul.

What makes for an ideal family fitness activity?

An activity that will appeal to both children and adults: Swimming, cross-country
skiing, walking, biking, and skating are activities that appeal to both young and old.

Remember, the name of the game is to choose an activity that each member of the family can enjoy together, regardless of age, fitness level, or ability.

An activity that's convenient to do: The easier you make it for everyone to exercise, the more likely you are to make the effort.

An activity that's budget-friendly: There are already enough demands on your pay check. Why put more pressure on your budget when there are so many inexpensive– even free ways to stay fit? That's not to say that you shouldn't be prepared to invest some money in your family's fitness activities. Just don't make the mistake of assuming that you have to spend a fortune in order to reap the benefits of physical fitness.




Start Time Before Serving









Unlike the burning bush Moses beheld, these scrumpteous "Burning Bush" cookies are sure to be consumed.




This sweet treat will help your children better understand the Lords' promise: "...though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;..." (Isaiah 1:18)


10 minutes


Your family is sure to be thankful for these gobbling good "Thankful Turkey" Cupcakes! Plus, with each candy corn feather they'll be reminded of what they are thankful for this year.


10 minutes


“And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.” (Luke 17:6 )


10 minutes


These stones will be a big hit, but they won't hurt anything, except maybe your waistline.


10 minutes


Have fun sculpting and then eating your own sepulchre stone, using this easy-to-make candy recipe.


13 minutes


These super easy cookies will be sure to quickly turn that frown upside down


15 minutes


Your family won't say anything but good words about these fun and yummy gummy lips


15 minutes


Your family will come together as you enjoy this warm, chewy, caramel treat.


15 minutes


Explore a new world of treats! Sliced strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream are the "cargo" of this light and quick-to-prepare dessert, with a theme your kids will enjoy.


15 minutes


Enjoy this sweet and refreshing treat after showing your patriotism by rendering service to your community.


15 + minutes


Strengthen your family's ability for gaining wisdom with this delightfully simple cookie recipe.


20 minutes


Kids will love laboring to make their own individual pizza. Don't forget to have them help with the clean up!


20 minutes


Your family will be lining up two by two for this fun treat!


20 minutes


Your family will salute this scrumpteous patriotic twist on "French" toast.


20 minutes


You’ll love this chewy, butterscotch variation of Rice Krispies®  treats. Add a few strands of licorice and your treat looks like brass plates!


20 minutes


These golden brown, chewy coconut cookies are perfect for sharing with neighbors and friends.


22 minutes


Experience this biblical style recipe for unleavened bread, that Joseph's brothers might have made after buying grain from Egypt during the famine.


25 + minutes


When we are faced with the temptation to judge others unrighteously this rich and delicious treat will remind us to put our thoughts in order and put an end to the issue.


25 minutes


We can honor our mothers by giving her a day off from cooking. This is a fun and easy meal that father and children can prepare.


25 minutes


Delicious fresh lemonade to accompany a lesson about the sweetness of repentance.


30 minutes


You won't find a fortune in these cookies, but through honesty and obedience your sure to gain the blessings found inside these traditional Chinese cookies.


30 minutes


As long as they "choose the right" stuff, you're family will love these sweet fruit filled and savory chicken stuffed crepes .


30 minutes


This savory treat will get your whole family excited to“turnover” a new leaf in the new year.


30 minutes


Your whole family will be "all aboard" when you make this authentic 1800's southern slave "Jumble Cake" recipe.


30 minutes


Have fun inventing your own airplane using this easy-to-make, ginger-flavored treat.


30 minutes


Fill your tummies with these delicious "Ice Cream Scriptures." Allow a little extra time for cooling and assembly.


35 minutes


"Chocolate Truffle" Braille Dots


These Braille dots aren't just for reading and writing. These smooth chocolate treats will gloriously melt-in your mouth.


35 minutes


Going the first mile is good, but going the second mile is, oh, so much sweeter!


35 minutes


This Norwegian treat will help us remember that everyone can afford to give the gifts of “obedience” and “sharing the gospel” to Jesus.


35 minutes


They say if you stare at the sun too long you'll go blind. That's not the case here, they'll just cause excessive drooling. Enjoy this Lemon Chiffon Cream Tart treat.


40 minutes


It's true! This little bear won't fill your heart with the spirit, but it will fill your tummy with yummy.


40 minutes


If only Vincent Van Gogh had followed this delicious recipe... don't make the same mistake. Enjoy this fun way to teach the recipe of hearing and obeying!


45 minutes


The Native Americans introduced this easy and versatile CORNMEAL PUDDING TREAT to the American Colonists. Sweetened with maple syrup and fruit–serve warm with whipped cream, ice cream or vanilla yogurt. Yummy!


45 minutes


Your family will rejoice when they bite into these sweet and delicate heart shaped cream puffs.


45 minutes


This delicious treat is a great way to thank your dad for the important role he plays in your family.


45 minutes


You don't have to be a Master Builder or a Master Baker to get these tasty "Temple Cookies" under construction, but you will need to be a Master Muncher to finish them.


45 minutes


The King of the Jungle has now become the king of your cookie jar with this yummy and healthy twist on the traditional warm homemade cookie.


45 minutes


A savory treat in the shape of an ear of corn that kids can help make.


45 minutes


Try making this scratch “graham cracker” recipe. It’s easy and includes a decorating idea/activity.


50 minutes


Your family will quickly find these "lost sheep" delicious!


50 minutes


Be sure to tune in to this praiseworthy cake for a happy ending to a fun lesson. A moist delicious Mandarin Orange cake with a (licorice) twist!


50 minutes


A sparkler added to the top of this scrumptious cake will add excitement to any celebration of United States freedoms.


50 minutes


This Jewish cookie is traditionally made during the Feast of Purim, to celebrate the deliverance of the Jews because of Esther’s courage.


50 minutes


Step back into the past with this hearty cake named after the father of our country. According to an 1843 newspaper story, it was "a favorite at the table of General Washington."


50 minutes


A yummy cherry chocolate chip bread, lovingly made into fun heart-shaped portions and decorated with your favorite frosting and candy hearts.


50 minutes


Here’s an easy stove-top treat. Complete the lesson while you wait the 30 minutes for the treat to cool. Then, twist and shape.


55 minutes


This simple, yet scrumptious treat will get your family "cracking" to to find ways to serve.


60 minutes


Have fun writing an admonition on your piece of cake "paper" and then rolling it up into a yummy edible scroll. Don't forget to tye it securely up with a chocolate "licorice" twist "ribbon."


60 minutes


Taffy was a special sweet treat for the pioneers and it will be for your family too! It takes only a few basic ingredients, it is fun to make and a small piece lasts a long time when you let it slowly dissolve in your mouth.


60 minutes


These butter cookies are yummy but the real fun is decorating them as cute shoes to help you remember to “lengthen your stride.”


60 minutes


"Toffee Rock"


Enjoy hammering off sweet toffee pieces with the kids in this fun illustration of the importance of having a strong foundation.


60 minutes


Kids will love this delicious twist on traditional peanut butter cookies. They can also help to decorate the feet with sandals.


65 minutes


Your family will delight in arming themselves with this melt in your mouth treat.


65 minutes


Try these irresistable baked donuts for a fresh treat to help your family remember to "Be Clean."


65 minutes


Unlock your peanut butter cravings with this simple, yet delicious treat.


65 minutes


Your family won't find it a "sacrifice" to eat these tasty Buterscotch "Altars".


67 minutes


Be prepared to enjoy these fun and savory treats!


70 minutes


These scrumptious "Short Bread" cookies are even yummier when they are totally immersed in a cold glass of milk.



75 minutes


"Three-in-One" cookies have one purpose–to satisfy your families sweet tooth.


80 minutes


Whether they're novice shepherds, learning the lessons of the Lamb of God, or just have a taste for sugary soft goodness, you'll find your children standing watch over these yummy lambs… However they may not be there in the morning (wink).


90 minutes


These yummy soft pretzels are a fun treat that are twisted into a knot-like shape to resemble two arms folded for prayer.


90 minutes


Roll out this cheesy dough, cut into slices and bake. Divide up your baked pennies. How many would be one-tenth and how many will you share?


90 minutes


"Pretzel "Lincoln" Log Cabins"


Build fun log cabins of homemade pretzels cemented together with cheese spread or frosting. Refrigerated pretzel dough can be substituted to speed things up.


90 minutes


"Gingerbread Nativity"


Decorate your holiday season with this nativity-themed twist on the traditional gingerbread house. Marzipan's play-doh like texture makes it fun for decorating with a wonderful almond flavor for eating.


1.70 hours


Your family will find joy in laboring together to make this deliciously moist cake.


1.75 hours


Kids can help form these tasty chewy candies into edible licorice musical notes.


2 hours


A quick, delicious cheesecake made more cute with heavenly, heart-shaped portions.


2.25 hours


You won't need to feed five thousand to enjoy this wholesome and delicious bread.


2.25 hours


This soft, moist “dirt” is the foundation for a delicious recipe and fun family “growth” activity.


2.25 hours


Perfect for a Joseph Smith theme, creamy pudding-enhanced gelatin in fun leaf shapes!


2.50 hours


Like Heleman's stripling warriors, these flavorful gingerbread boy cookies won't run away!


2.75 hours


There’s nothing like fresh, warm bread just out of the oven. Making this recipe as a family gives everyone a chance to “knead” and be needed!


3.5+ hours


Assembly is fast and easy on this tasty bran muffin recipe, but you do need several hours minimum for the batter to chill before baking.


4.5+ hours


You'll love this delectible caramel treat and fun recipe. Complete the illusion with white and dark cake to surprise and thrill guests and your family alike.


4-5 hours


Unfolding this fun and yummy fruit treat will help your children visualize how they can help the gospel grow when they share the gospel with others.